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Dr Erin Thomas Dailey
Principal Investigator

I am a historian who researches the transformation of the late Roman Empire into its early medieval successors: the barbarian kingdoms, the Byzantine Empire, and the Islamic Caliphate.

Dr Tali Artman-Partock
Research Associate

I specialize in literary theory and midrash, with a particular interest in Jewish-Christian relations in Late Antiquity, the heritage of the Hellenistic era in rabbinic literature, and intersections of gender and law. My research focuses on sexual violence in the Bible and rabbinic literature, and on ideas of redemption and the afterlife.

Dr Seth M. Stadel
Research Associate

I am a historian of the late antique and medieval Middle East, with a particular interest in Syriac-speaking communities and their literature. My publications focus on the transmission of late antique intellectual culture to the Islamicate world.

Dr Justin Pigott
Research Associate

I am a historian of the later Roman Empire with a particular interest in the religious, social, and political evolution of its eastern territories. My research and publications have centred around the development and historiography of early Constantinople, as well as the transition of traditional forms of Greco-Roman slavery into the newly emerging religious worlds of Late Antiquity.

Sheida Heydarishovir
Doctoral Researcher

I am a PhD student investigating slavery and sexual exploitation in early Islamic society. I completed my BA and MA in Persian language and literature at the University of Tehran. For my master thesis, I edited a manuscript, Munis al-Ahrar fi daqa’eq al-ash’ar, that featured Persian and Arabic poems not previously found in other collections. I am also interested in Sufism, Isma’ilism, and Persian prose and poetry of 3th to 8th centuries AH.

Prof. Renato Rodrigues da Silva
External Academic Consultant

I am a historian of the Early Middle Ages with a particular interest in social history, social domination, and social theory. My research and publications focus on Early Medieval England and Medievalism, especially how whiteness has become both embedded and invisible in the field of scholarship. Conceptual and theoretical discussions are also high among my interests.

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